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With an intense curiosity for penetrating the boundaries of the natural world, games quench this thirst by providing the experience of the impossible. The benefits and critical analysis of games surmount to a googolplex of layers. Research and exploration include not only the game genre for the study of fun but also the domains of the sciences and arts.  


My development toolset includes Java EE (JSP, JSF, Primefaces, JPA, Hibernate), C++, AJAX, Eclipse, Unity, Unreal Engine, and supporting utilities. Knowledge and skills of the latter technologies apply to web development, medical solutions, games, and space exploration research initiatives. My current game-related projects delve into the fantastical and educational realms. A brief description of each are highlighted below.




Angel Academy - a math game aimed for elementary kids wherein heroin angels comb the earth and beyond for puzzle pieces that when solved will expand the Seraphim kingdom with benevolent souls


My Fairy Persona - a narrative adventure where the player (main character) suddenly is thrown into an alternate reality and must mesh with a new character


Lost In Dreaming - explore lands where dreams are made of and try not to get lost forever with no way back to the waking state